Creative software and solutions for audio professionals.

Pro Audio

Our passion for pro audio and coding is what brings quality products and services to you.

Forward Thinking

Thinking outside of the box is important.  It is key in making decisings moving in to the future!

Client Services

Kushview has been hired for a variety of projects. We extend the same quality of code to them.

Customer Support

We care about our customers. Having an issue, reach out to a real person willing to help.

Our Story

Kushview started roughly in 2009.  I was working in Orlando, FL as a video artist.  Having been a coder since the mid 1990’s.  My first coding job was for BKE Tech working on the Beat Thang.  The rest is history….

  • Software Development 50% 50%
  • Client Services 60% 60%
  • Customer Support 100% 100%