API reference to Element's scripting engine


el.bytes Manage raw byte arrays.
el.command UI Commands.
el.midi MIDI factories and utilities.
el.object Define objects with attributes.
el.round MIDI utilities.
el.script Script module.
el.strings A Lua module for basic string manipulation.


el.AudioBuffer An audio buffer
el.Bounds Bounding box The value type for this is a 32bit integer and Backed by a juce::Rectangle.
el.Commands UI Commands object.
el.Content Base class for UI main Content.
el.Context The main context in which Element is running.
el.Desktop Desktop controls.
el.Graph The Graph Model.
el.GraphEditor The base graph editor widget.
el.Graphics A drawing context.
el.MidiBuffer A MIDI buffer designed for real time performance.
el.MidiMessage A MIDI Message.
el.MouseEvent A mouse event
el.Node The Node Model.
el.Point A pair of x,y coordinates.
el.Range A numeric value range.
el.Rectangle A rectangle.
el.Session The Session Model.
el.Slider Slider widget.
el.TextButton A Text Button.
el.View An Element View.
el.Widget A GUI Widget.
el.MidiPipe An array of kv.MidiBuffers.


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