Webstore Shutting Down

The Kushview webstore will be going offline in August. We simply do not have the resources to offer timely support and maintenance. Kushview projects will be moving to a donation model moving forward. Thank you to all who have contributed to Element over the years. The software would not be this far along without you!

Element Goes 64 bit Only

Attention Element Windows users. Starting in v0.46.0 Element will be 64 bit only. We’ve already made the move for OSX and Linux…. Windows is next up. When the next version comes out, there WILL NOT be a 32 bit installer for windows. Please plan accordingly. Thank you for understanding.

Element Installer Downloads

Heads up to Element subscribers: we added a convenience download page which includes the current release + pre-release installers. This page will auto-update with new links as Element versions are uploaded. This is the preferred method to get the goods! Note to Pro license holders. At the time of writing, we’re still working on granting

Element Pre-Release 10-1-2020

A new Element dev build has been uploaded. It is available to early access subscribers for download. Source code is available to the public on Github. Notable updates: Fixed: AAX plugin crashing protools and possibly other DAWs Added: New user scriptable Lua Node Enhanced Graph Editor now lives in a scrollable viewport. Various bug fixes

Leaving Patreon

Beginning September 2020, Kushview will be leaving the Patreon platform. Existing patrons will not be billed in September by Patreon. We’ve decided it is in our best interest to host our own pledging system on kushview.net. The Element subscription option mimics the Patreon tiers, and provides the same benefits. Tip Jar – Continuous access to

Element Now Open Source

  We are happy to announce that the Element Audio Plugin Host is now an open source project. Element is still under active development and the code is hosted publicly on Github and open for community contribution. Issue Tracking Over the next few weeks, we’ll be migrating bug/feature reporting to the new public issue tracker.

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