Summer Sale 2019 Starts Now

Celebrate your independence with 75% off Kushview software .  Discount code valid through July 2018. Discount Code = KV75 GET ELEMENT PRO GET ELEMENT SE If you’re using Element LT, please consider upgrading.  Kushview is a tiny software company, your paid support ensures frequent updates and continued development of the software.  No support = Less Updates,

Element License Upgrade Options

Element license upgrades are available in a few different ways. Upgrade prices change from time to time. If you see an error on this page, please let support know. Pro rated discounts.  Subscription upgrades are pro rated.  It is computed based on price paid for the subscription… e.g. cost-based. Max Discount. All upgrades have a maximum

Element Early Bird Special

Get Element for a discounted price as we move toward a stable v1.0 PRE RELEASE Currently, Element is in a pre-release state (before v1.0).  Not all features have been implemented yet.  It’s kind of like a public, yet stable, beta.  Because of this, the software and plugins are offered at a discounted rate until v1.0

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