Element 0.14.0 BIG New Features

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Element 0.14.0 is available

Lots of big changes: https://kushview.net/element/download/

These are the major items this time around.

  • Parallel render mode: graphs with this option enabled will render simultaneously: use case – different instruments on two graphs which play at the same time (or independently when on different MIDI channels). Eventually this feature will evolve into “Render Groups,” but this is the gist of it.
  • Change Graph w/ Program change: It is now possible to change graphs with a program change.  The option is in “Graph Settings”.
    • MIDI Program = 0 means don’t listen for program change.
    • MIDI program = 1-128 will listen for that program on the same channel and switch when received.
  • Switching graphs now should be crossfading from one to the other as well.  This avoids pops and will get better over time.
  • Nested Graphs: Add new graphs as children of other graphs. Possible use case: load a saved graph (.elg file) in another session as a self-contained block in the engine.
  • Plugin Search Box: There is now a searchable plugins pane in the left navigation.  Drag these onto your editor for quick plugin insertion.  This might be slow if you have an insane amount of plugins installed. If it is, report it as soon as you can and It’ll get resolved.
  • Auto connect basics:
    • Holding ALT while dropping plugins: will auto connect to the graph’s Audio/MIDI Input
    • Holding CTL (CMD on OSX) while dropping plugins: will auto connect to the graph’s Audio/MIDI Out
    • Holding CTL and ALT at the same time will connect to both input and outputs of the graph
  • IO Configuration:  there is a new “IO” button shown on the blocks in the graph editor. Use this to change the plugin’s channel information and buses.  Note that we cannot control what third party plugins say they support compared to what they actually support when the bus changes. If you have problems let us know anyway so we can log it.

With the addition of all these big features, there’s bound to be quirks and bugs.  Report those at https://kushview.net/feedback  and  they’ll get knocked out ASAP!

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While we’re in pre-release mode, get Element for 75%.  This offer is valid until 1.0 is released.

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