Element 0.26.0

Element 0.26.0 is now available. If you have already purchased, downloads are in your Account area.

Changes in this version

  • ADDED – ability to choose VST/VST3 path in windows installer
  • ADDED – ability to re-order graph mixer strips
  • ADDED – visual feedback when program change switches graphs
  • ADDED – session properties button on graph editor
  • ADDED – mono channel selection in audio device preferences
  • FIXED – crashing when disconnecting nodes when the session has ‘missing’ connections
  • FIXED – problems with plugin windows stealing focus
  • FIXED – confusing window title in UI
  • FIXED – graph mixer not updating when bus change initiated on plugins
  • FIXED – don’t show channel strips for MIDI IO nodes
    • this will be re-enabled once MIDI monitoring and metering is implemented

Element free is on a different release schedule and new features above may not be available in the Free version.  If needed, you can purchase or download the trial

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