Element 0.28.0

Element 0.28.0 is now available.  Download latest version.  If you need a license, you can purchase Element here.

Changes in this version

  • NEW MIDI Program Map Internal Node – maps program numbers to other program numbers. Can also be used as an indicator as what program was last received.
  • NEW Audio Router Node (an embedded 4×4 patch grid)
    • Note that the next 0.29.0 will support changing patches via program change and MIDI mapping
  • NEW Panel UI which displays parameters for plugins, devices, and internals
  • NEW Activation screen
    • If you’ve already activated and the app prompts you, you should be ok to just close it. Please contact support if you have problems with the new activation screen
  • NEW Application edition “Element LT”
    • This is the Lite version and is 100% FREE
    • The original “Element FREE” edition is now discontinued and no longer supported
  • ADDED “Deactivate Others” option to License page in preferences
    • This can be used to force deactivate machine IDs when normal activation doesn’t work as expected.
  • BETTER performance in audio meters
  • BETTER Icons around the GUI added
  • BETTER Graph Editor GUI
    • Changed the look and feel
    • Added collapse function
  • FIXED Crashing of the VST plugin under certain conditions
  • FIXED Crashing when activating from the VST plugin
  • FIXED Crashing in the media player when IO config changes
  • FIXED bug deleting graphs which have been duplicated
  • FIXED problems with duplicated graphs and parallel rendering mode
  • FIXED oddities with opening sessions
  • FIXED oddities with recent files list
  • FIXED problems with missing connections on graphs and ghost wires
  • FIXED oddities with changing parallel graphs when program change is enabled
  • FIXED problem with MIDI device nodes not restoring state properly
  • FIXED new session not clearing last used session file name
  • FIXED power button not working in the graph mixer

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