Element 0.47.0 Getting Close


Element 0.47.0 Is right around the corner. This version enables a “Workspaces” feature, which is really a more involved main GUI for Element. It can be enabled in Preferences under the “General” tab.

Refactoring the Code

This version undertook a major refactoring of the code base. Nutshell: there are several areas in the code that need cleaned up in order to complete complex features coming in the future.

Continuous Integration

Part of this was switching to the meson build system and setting up public continuous integration with Jenkins.

The project layout isn’t 100% finished. The idea is to build/test each code change & automate nightly builds based on the main branch.

GitLab to GitHub

Main git repositories have moved to GitLab. Issue tracking has also moved to gitlab. I find that project management is much better here. All GitHub issues were transferred. GitHub is still online for the community features, while GitLab should be used for actual work being done.

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