Element Early Bird Special

Get Element for a discounted price as we move toward a stable v1.0


Currently, Element is in a pre-release state (before v1.0).  Not all features have been implemented yet.  It’s kind of like a public, yet stable, beta.  Because of this, the software and plugins are offered at a discounted rate until v1.0 is reached.  Planned pricing for Element v1.0 is scheduled to be around $150 – $199 USD.


The Element Early Bird Special is offering a considerable discount, while we move toward a stable 1.0 release.  It is an incentive to customers as early adopters.  The early bird price varies, but will always much lower than the planned 1.0 pricing model.

You will not have to pay a higher fee once 1.0 is released.  View pricing information


Head to the Element comparison page for the details

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