Element Free VST Host

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Element is a modular plugin host and synth. It can be used to play virtual instruments live and/or an portable effects rack.  More information and Pro version…

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Patch Bay

Using the graphs, simply route plugins to each other any way you want.  For instance, if you create a Graph consisting a piano and effects (like Roboverb, delay, etc), you can use the patch bay to insert plugins in your effects rack.

Graph Editor

The graph editor allows fined grained control over your routes. Draw cables between processing nodes on the graph to create connections.


Because element runs on both Mac and PC,  and all major plugin formats AU/VST/VST3.  Element itself can be loaded as a plugin so it literally can be used by anything that loads audio plugins.

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While we're in pre-release mode, get Element $100 off.  This offer is valid until 1.0 is released.

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