Element v0.21.0 Released

Element 0.21.0 is now available: Download Here . If you have already purchased, downloads are in your Account area

Changes in this version

  • NEW! Graph Mixer (pro) – Appears as a mixer, where each node is a channel strip
  • NEW! Global Channel Strip (pro) – Single channel strip which appears on the right side of the main window displaying the currently selected node.
  • NEW! Node replace function – replace existing nodes with another plugin
  • NEW! Multiple undo at a high level – undo/redo of add/remove/replace nodes and connections
  • ADDED default new session option
  • ADDED Save/load key mappings and controller definitions
  • BETTER Preset menu – cache preset lists, avoid bogging down when there are many presets
  • BETTER View navigation – Added convenience buttons to switch between settings and editors
  • BETTER Placeholders
    • Label placeholders when plugins are missing
    • Manually add placeholder nodes.  This is useful for creating template sessions.
  • FIXED crash when closing plugin windows and the popup menu is open
  • FIXED problems loading bundled VST3 plugins
  • FIXED saving/restoring plugin states when no programs are provided by the plugin


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