Element v0.24.0

Element 0.24.0 is now available. If you have already purchased, downloads are in your Account area.

Changes in this version

  • NEW!: MIDI Clock – Option to alternatively send clock to MIDI input instead of MIDI output
  • NEW!: MIDI Channel Splitter Node – 1 MIDI in to 16 MIDI out for each channel.
  • NEW!: MIDI Channel Map Node – Binds Input channels to a specified output channels.
  • NEW!: MIDI Channelize Node – Convert all MIDI input channels to a single Output Channel.
  • NEW!: Added MIDI Channel Filter capability to all nodes, including sub graphs.
  • BETTER: Throttle triggering of enable/disable node function from MIDI CC events
  • BETTER: Session ask-to-save dialog frequency of display
  • FIXED: UI response when parameters are moved by hardware on Internal and VST plugins.
  • FIXED: Element getting blacklisted in Cubase software
  • FIXED: Connectivity problems after loading presets and saved graphs
  • FIXED: Crashing when mapping hardware to enable/disable function
  • FIXED: Problems with placeholder connection add/remove
  • FIXED: Error in remove IO nodes on freshly created sessions and graphs

New Features above may not be available in the Free version.  If needed, you can purchase or download the trial.

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