Element v0.36.0

Element v0.36.0 is now available.  Get it on the downloads page or in your account.

Changes in this version

  • ADDED – Graph Settings Panel in Element LT
  • ADDED – IO Config button to Volume node’s UI
  • BETTER – Plugin Window Titles are hidden when less than 150 pixels wide.
  • BETTER – Controller Maps table now shows special parameter names (Mute/Enabled/Bypass) instead of “N/A”
  • FIXED – Removed unused graph settings button from graph editor.
  • FIXED – Volume node fader can now be mapped from new UI from 0.35

Still running Element LT?

Tiny software companies like us depend on YOU to keep the creative momentum going.  If you’d like to see BIGGER updates and BETTER features,  please consider purchasing a license for Element SE or Element Pro.   The future of Element is in your hands!


Thank you,

The Kushview Team

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