Element v0.37.0

Element v0.37.0 is now available.  Get it on the downloads page or in your account.

Changes in this version

  • ADDED – Ability to zoom in/out of the MIDI Program Map internal node
  • ADDED – Looping parameter to Audio File Player
    • Could already loop, but this is the addition of an automatable parameter to control loop state on or off.
  • BETTER – Removed “Graph Properties” Menu Item. No longer needed
  • FIXED – Problems with MIDI mapping + multiple devices (see below)
  • FIXED – Mappings still showing N/A instead of special params (mute, bypass, enablement)
MIDI Input/Output Subsystem **
The MIDI IO subsystem was rewritten in this version.  It was needed to resolve bugs where mapping would break if the controller was selected in the mapping window as well as a normal MIDI input.

IMPORTANT:  The plugin version of Element can no longer open MIDI devices directly for mapping.  The old method causes MIDI to stop working when the Host also has the same device open.  However, mapping still works in the plugins.  In your host application, just make sure it is feeding MIDI to the Element instance that is using mapping features.

Still running Element LT?

Tiny software companies like us depend on YOU to keep the creative momentum going.  If you’d like to see BIGGER updates and BETTER features,  please consider purchasing a license for Element SE or Element Pro.   The future of Element is in your hands!

Thank you,

The Kushview Team

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