Element v0.38.0

Element v0.38.0 is now available.  Get it on the downloads page or in your account.

Changes in this version

  • BETTER – Nodes now also show original plugin along with the user defined name.
  • BETTER – MIDI Program Map Node – Remember window size between loads
  • BETTER – For clarity, moved “Programs” context menu to “Presets -> Factory Presets”  (this affects the menu when right clicking on a node)
  • BETTER – Removed “Node Name” field in MIDI panel. No longer needed
  • BETTER – Show Mute/Bypass Buttons on Subgraph Node UIs
  • BETTER – Automatically refresh MIDI device lists in background
    • Result = unplug/replugging devices automatically show up or go away
  • FIXED – Problem that prevents the third party VST2WDM plugin from loading
  • FIXED – Don’t close Controllers view after a plugin parameter is mapped

Still running Element LT?

Tiny software companies like us depend on YOU to keep the creative momentum going.  If you’d like to see BIGGER updates and BETTER features,  please consider purchasing a license for Element SE or Element Pro.   The future of Element is in your hands!

Thank you,

The Kushview Team

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