Element v0.43.1

Element v0.43.1 is now available.  If you previously purchased Pro or SE, downloads are in your account area.  If you’re a Patron, downloads are available on the installers page.

Public Source Release  Source Code for this version are also available on GitHub

Changes in this version

  • BETTER: Improved plugin scanning stability on Linux
  • BETTER: Default font on Linux
  • FIXED: Crashing & hangups while scanning plugins on Linux
  • FIXED: Broken test suite on Linux
  • ADDED: Ability to rename nodes via context menu
  • BETTER: Highlight cables when hovered
  • ADDED: Audio File Player – ability to specify search folder
  • ADDED: VST2 build with Projucer on Linux
  • FIXED: Scrolling problems in MIDI Monitor
  • NEW: MIDI Router patching Node
  • ADDED: Ability to clear recent files list
  • NEW: Internal Compressor

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