Element v0.46.0b1

Element v0.46.0b1 is now available to early access subscribers.  If you are subscribed, downloads are available on the installers page.  If you’d like access to pre-releases, subscribe here. Make sure the “Early Access” option is selected.

View all completed issues this far, or the remaining issues before stable release.

Changes in this version

  • NEW: Ability to change sample rate by OSC message
  • NEW: Ports can now be hidden in the Graph Editor
  • NEW: Ability to zoom in/out of Graph Editor
  • NEW: Ability to adjust overall scale of the GUI (e.g. 2x, 4x, etc etc)
  • BETTER: Added infrastructure to write new GUIs in Lua
  • BETTER: Overhaul how the embedded Lua interpreter works
  • FIXED: Crashing Mixcraft when using performance parameters
  • FIXED: Problems when scrolling while moving blocks around in Graph Editor
  • FIXED: Crash when loading files by Program Change in Audio File player
  • FIXED: Plugins loading as Mono when they should be Stereo
  • FIXEDLV2 X11UI’s not showing on Linux

9 thoughts on “Element v0.46.0b1

  1. Any plans to support 32bit VSTs loading in Element 64bit ?

    This was 50% of why I bought it originally, hoping that this originally mentioned feature would show up in a future version, as development advanced.
    The other 50% was the neat ability to load VST3 on a VST2 instance, “fixing” the issue where some DAWs (Reason) would only load VST2, which eventually will become standard across all DAWs.
    But, loading discontinued/old 32bit VSTs, that’s never going to be built-in in future versions of DAWs so that would be the killer feature of Element, the perfect niche to be useful, IMHO.

    1. Yep, still plan to do this somehow in the future. Probably will directly integrate with something like jBridge. Not much sense re-inventing the wheel. I’ve seen other hosts integrate with jBridge, and likely to go this route.

      1. That’s excellent news, phew! Great to know you haven’t given up on this feature. So I’ll keep waiting then 🙂

  2. I’m seeing a lot of AU plugins casing crashes in Element – Kontakt Player is one example, but there are others (I’ll try to list as I find them). The VST versions load correctly – is this an issue with the plugins or Element?

    1. It could be an Element problem, or the plugins. Which version is this happening in. Also, it’s very helpful to report bugs Github

      1. Hi Michael – the Github link gives a 404 error and I can’t find a ‘kushview’ or ‘element’ page on the site – can you confirm the address? Thanks. The version I’m noticing problems in is 0.46.0b1…

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