Element v0.46.3

Element v0.46.3 is now available.  If you are subscribed, downloads are available on the installers page.  If you’d like access to pre-releases, subscribe here. Make sure the “Early Access” option is selected.

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Changes in this version

  • FIXED: Problems with MIDI “learn” when mapping a controller.

Changes in 0.46.0 – 0.46.2

  • FIXED: Tempo not being sent to bpm aware plugins.
  • FIXED: Problems building with Projucer
  • FIXED: Use 1-indexing where appropriate (Lua)
  • ADDED: Tons of scripting docs
  • NEW: Force zero reported latency in Plugin versions.
  • NEW: Plugin delay compensation on nodes
  • BETTER: Added Keyboard shortcuts to virtual keyboard
  • BETTER: Allow multi channel config in Element plugins. e.g. 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound
  • BETTER: Oversampling performance
  • FIXED: Crash when loaded inside of Plugindoctor
  • FIXED: Replaced nodes moving out of place
  • FIXED: Crash caused when loading Surge synth
  • NEW: Apple M1 / Intel universal binary
  • FIXED: (possible) problems when assigning channels
  • FIXED: (possible) problems rendering certain channel configs.
  • FIXED: (possible) problems with plugin UIs not filling the entire plugin window
  • ADDED: Linux VST/VST3 to pre-built downloads
  • FIXED: Linux AppImage not finding factory Lua scripts
  • FIXED: Inconsistent code editor font size across Mac, PC, and Linux
  • ADDED: “symbol” property to DSP scripts
  • FIXED: “Exporer” typo in User data path UI widget
  • NEW: Ability to change sample rate by OSC message
  • NEW: Ports can now be hidden in the Graph Editor
  • NEW: Ability to zoom in/out of Graph Editor
  • NEW: Ability to adjust overall scale of the GUI (e.g. 2x, 4x, etc etc)
  • BETTER: Added infrastructure to write new GUIs in Lua
  • BETTER: Overhaul how the embedded Lua interpreter works
  • FIXED: Crashing Mixcraft when using performance parameters
  • FIXED: Problems when scrolling while moving blocks around in Graph Editor
  • FIXED: Crash when loading files by Program Change in Audio File player
  • FIXED: Plugins loading as Mono when they should be Stereo
  • FIXEDLV2 X11UI’s not showing on Linux

2 thoughts on “Element v0.46.3

  1. the foundation is great but I can’t wait for more feature requests to be don 😛
    keep it up

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