Leaving Patreon

Beginning September 2020, Kushview will be leaving the Patreon platform. Existing patrons will not be billed in September by Patreon. We’ve decided it is in our best interest to host our own pledging system on kushview.net.

The Element subscription option mimics the Patreon tiers, and provides the same benefits.

Tip Jar – Continuous access to pre-built installers

Early Access – Same as Tip Jar and also gives access to pre-releases.

Name In Credits – Same as Early access but we also put your name in Element’s about box.

In addition to the subscription tiers, we also now offer a single download option.

8 thoughts on “Leaving Patreon

  1. As someone who bought Element when it first came out, can you explain where I stand with this new system?

    1. Hi Chris! All who purchased before Element went open source have access to the latest pre-built installers and support for life. The only difference is there is no license key.

      The Patreon was setup to incentivize paid support by offering the latest installers.
      The non-paid options are
      1) compile the code yourself (instructions on github), or
      2) download an older installer available publicly on github.

      The #2 free option will always be a few versions older. Support requests prioritize previous buys & supporter before those opting for the free downloads.

      I modeled Element’s system similar to how Ardour.org does theirs.

  2. Hello.
    I would like to ask You when do You plan to add labels to the switches of Roboverb? Roboverb is awesome but those switches need some kinds of explanations. It would be great if this update of the Roboverb GUI would happen sooner rather than later. Also a resizable GUI would be great. Stay safe and healthy! Thank You very much! 🙂
    All the best,

    1. Not sure when I’ll have a chance to get it done. They all toggle on-off comb/allpass filters so there isn’t much to say about them. Thank you.

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