Element Features

Detailed comparison of Element Versions

  Element LT Element SE Element Pro
AU, VST and VST3 Support
Built-in Reverb
Bullet Proof Plugin Scanner
Custom Keymappings
Graph Editor
Internal Building Blocks
Low Latency Audio Engine
Patch Bay
Standard Placeholders
Virtual Keyboard
Audio File Player
Audio Router
Basic Metering and Mixing
MIDI Controller Mapping
MIDI Filtering on Plugins
MIDI Progams on Plugins
MIDI Progams Map
Priority Support
32 bit Binaries
Advanced Metering and Mixing
Advanced MIDI Filters
Audio Mixer Node
Element AU/VST/VST3/AAX plugins
Manual Placeholders
MIDI Clock Sync
Multiple Graphs
Nested Graphs
Workspaces (coming soon)  
  Element LT Element SE Element Pro
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Overview of Element:

Basic tutorials playlist
We’ve put together a great playlist of our basic tutorials on YouTube. 
A great way to help you

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