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Element is distributed on three release channels.


The stable release channel is public facing. These are the normal release downloads, and ocassional pre-releases.


The beta channel is offered to approved testers and to Patrons on the Tipper tier or higher. Beta releases are more frequent than stable releases and will contain new features that need tested and evaluated before going public. Beta builds are treated like a “proof reading” phase of the release cycle.


The nightly channel is also offered to testers and to those on the Backer tier and comes with the will push updates every time a change to the develop branch on GitLab is made. Roll outs of repository updates happen on a nightly schedule assuming a change was actually pushed. This is the least stable channel because updates are made available nightly when code changes.


To change the repository used for Updates. Click on the “Settings” button, then select the “Repositories” tab. Custom URLs can be added under User defined repositories.

User Repo

User Repo