Kushview Web Services Project Pricing

Basic website projects start at $6,000. 

(Save $2,999 dollars! This pricing includes the Basic Web services listed below.
Additional fees apply for additional data, products, or services.)
Basic projects are generally expected to be completed in 4-6 weeks.
(This may vary depending on the size of your project.)

Expedited project completion:

Express completion pricing available, as well as other completion based rates.  

(Express or Tiered completion not included with Basic Project pricing, but can be added by request.)

Basic Web Services

Server configuration:

Hosting service consultation and basic setup – Valued at $375

(We will help you choose the ideal hosting solution and configure it for your needs.)

Github repository setup and configuration: Valued at $250

(We will configure your server to automatically back up your code base to keep your site safe.)

WordPress configuration:

Website services setup and configuration: Valued at $800

(We will apply necessary server updates, install WordPress, enable necessary services, and ensure your database is backed automatically.) 

One year license for Elementor Pro: Valued at $49 

(One year access granted to Elementor Pro is included.)

Basic SEO keyword and Google Analytics setup: Valued at $250

(We will configure your ideal SEO keywords and setup Google Analytics tracking.)

WordPress plugin setup and configuration: Valued at $1275

(We will install the necessary WordPress plugins, and configure them to work with your website.)

Data migration / entry: Valued at $3000

(We will migrate the data from your existing website or enter new data as provided (up to 15 pages and 20 products or equivalent.))

Customized WordPress theme:

Custom designed theme and layout Valued at $3000

(We will arrange for a custom designed look to your site to either mimic your current design or match your branding.)

Two small design or style revisions: Valued at $500

(We will make 2 small adjustments to style or layout prior to completion if necessary to satisfy creative.)

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