Element v0.32.0

Element v0.32.0 is now available.  Get it on the downloads page or in your account. Changes in this version BETTER – Selection in UI when nodes change. Session Tree & Graph Editor both now highlight when nodes are selected ADDED – MIDI CC toggle options to MIDI Mapping ADDED – MIDI Hold function to virtual

Element License Unlocking | What Does my License Unlock?

With Element SE now on the market, we wanted to let you know exactly what the Element license unlocks.  Nutshell version, Element SE unlocks SE.  Element Pro unlocks Pro and SE. Element Trial The trial license for Element will unlock all varieties.  The full unrestricted downloads are on the Element Trial Page. If you choose to

Element License Upgrade Options

Element license upgrades are available in a few different ways. Upgrade prices change from time to time. If you see an error on this page, please let support know. Pro rated discounts.  Subscription upgrades are pro rated.  It is computed based on price paid for the subscription… e.g. cost-based. Max Discount. All upgrades have a maximum

Element v0.31.0

Element v0.31.0 is now available.  Get it on the downloads page or in your account. Changes in this version NEW – Toggle Options when Mapping MIDI CC messages NEW – Mute function on nodes. By default mutes the output signal, but optionally can mute the input (useful for simulating stomp boxes for guitarists) ADDED –

Introducing Element SE: Single Graph Edition

Element SE otherwise known as “Single Graph Edition” is now available for purchase.  It is the middle ground between Element LT and Element Pro. Element SE is designed for the casual performer. It keeps the single graph workflow of Element Lite, but adds a handful of advanced features of Element Pro.  If you like Element

Element v0.30.0

Element v0.30.0 is now available.  Get it on the downloads page or in your account. Changes in this version ADDED – MIDI Channel, MIDI Program, and Key Width size setting on Virtual keyboard BETTER – Slightly larger buttons on Node UIs FIXED – Missing “EXT” button in plugin versions FIXED – Session thinking it changed

New Element Pricing Options

In addition to the normal perpetual licensing of Element, we’ve added Monthly and Yearly subscription options.  Subscriptions include more license activations and other perks as we move forward.  Kushview is a tiny software company, and having recurring revenue will help our future success  …. and continued development of awesome software products. Please note that if

Element v0.29.0

Element v0.29.0 is now available.  Downloads, as per usual, are in your Account area… or on the downloads page Changes in this Version BETTER – MIDI clock handling in a general sense BETTER – Activation dialog and cleanup the license management preferences page BETTER – Much improved offline activation procedure ADDED: Element Lite: ability to

Element Video Tutorials Now Online

Element video tutorials have finally been posted to YouTube.  Instead of describing them all here, why not go checkout the playlist and see yourself!  Or just have a look below! As time goes on, more videos will be added to the list. Subscribe to Kushview if you want to know when new videos are posted.

Element 0.28.3

A quick fix release:  resolved problems saving graphs in Element LT and exporting graphs in Element Pro.  Download Element versions here .   If you already purchased a license, the Pro update will be in your account area.

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