FF-XS Silicon Fuzz


The Fuzz Face showed up on the scene in the 1960’s… this is our version with silicon transistors.

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The FF-XS silicon fuzz is a pedal which implements the Dallas Fuzz Face circuit.  Kushview pedals are made in the USA with high quality parts and hardware.  Check out the Fuzz Face Pedal Kit if you’d rather build it yourself cheaper.

Arbiter Electronics Ltd. first issued the Fuzz Face in 1966.  It used germanium transistors.  In contrast, the FF-XS uses silicon transistors.  The output has a harder edge and is great for those double-note licks!

Fuzz Faces are a dime-a-dozen these days, but we are proud of our little FF-XS Silicon Fuzz.  Knowing nothing about electronics design, this is our very first pedal.  PCB layout is heavily inspired by Electro Smash germanium fuzz.


  • True bypass w/ grounded input
  • 9v DC Adaptor or battery power
  • RC filter on input minimizes radio interference in high gain pedals
  • Noise reduction and power cleaning
  • Adjustable Bias


  • Authentic Hammond Enclosure
  • High Quality PCB and components
  • Reliable Lumberg IO and DC jacks


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Weight 9.9 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 in


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