EDD Software Licensing + Copy Protection

Enhance your software products with copy protection. Fully supports EDD Software Licensing, but also can run without it.


  • Works with JUCE Product Unlocking module (http://juce.com)
  • Integration with EDD Software Licensing extension
    • Activation, deactivation and License checking are all supported.
  • Issue licenses to customers whom have purchased
  • Customizable API endpoint
  • Customizable license output via hooks

Does it work without EDD Software Licensing?

Yes. By customizing license file generation with WordPress hooks, you can control metadata which is encrypted in the license for use by your application. Using this method, your application authorizes with a username/email and password instead of a license key.

Planned Features

  • Further integration with EDD Software Licensing extension.
  • Downloadable License Files for offline activation.
  • Add more hooks for license customization.
  • Add more encryption formats. Currently JUCE RSA format is the default.
  • Support expiring licenses.
  • Have an idea?  Let us know here.

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  • Billed yearly until cancelled

  • Billed yearly until cancelled

  • Billed yearly until cancelled

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