Advanced Audio Plugin Host

Element is a modular AU/VST audio plugin host. Connect plugins to create power effects racks and instruments.  Load graphs on the fly for quick access to your sounds.  Integrates with your existing hardware via standard protocols such as MIDI.

Looking for the FREE version?  It’s available by signing up for the mailing list.

Pre Release: CurrentlyElement is in a pre release stage.  Until 1.0 is reached, get Element Pro for 50% off.


  • Play virtual instruments and effects live
  • Create re-usable instrument and effect graphs
  • Graph Pre Loading – Quickly change graphs by keeping heavy-weight plugins loaded.
  • Chain Multiple Effects Plugins together
  • Run inside your DAW as an AU/VST/VST3 Plugin (Pro)
  • Run VST and AU plugins in Pro Tools (Pro)
  • External Sync w/ MIDI Clock (Pro)
  • Flexible connectivity via Patch Bay and Graph Editor
  • Graph Importing and Exporting (Pro)
  • Sub Graphing (Pro)
  • Internal DSP building blocks
  • Support for AU/VST/VST3 plugin formats
  • Placeholder Nodes. When Plugins are missing, this passes the audio through
  • Built in Virtual Keyboard
  • More….

Features In Progress

These are under active development.  Expect incremental releases until 1.0 is reached

  • Per-session keyboard splits and transposing
  • Expose Node Parameters in Custom UIs
  • Audio/MIDI Clip Trigger and Looping
  • MIDI Control and Mapping
  • MIDI Monitor
  • Record Audio and MIDI Clips
  • Modular Synth Building Blocks (Oscillators, ADSR, etc etc)
  • More…

The features listed above are not conclusive.  In fact, if you have a feature request (or found a bug), you can report it on the user feedback page.

Fine Grained Control

Control the specific IO of each graph.  Sub-Graphing, MIDI mapping,  and Patch learning are coming soon (among other features)

Patch Bay

Using the graphs, simply route plugins to each other any way you want.  For instance, if you create a Graph consisting a piano and effects (like Roboverb, delay, etc), you can use the patch bay to insert plugins in the audio chain.

Audio Plugin Host

The core feature of Element at this current version is the plugin host and multiple. Development is very active and more features are being added every week!  Join the newsletter to be notified about progress.


Because element runs on both Mac and PC,  supports a wide variety of Plugin formats.

  • OSX 10.8 or Higher – AU/VST/VST3
  • Windows XP or higher – VST/VST3

Modular Synth?

Custom instrument features will start appearing closer toward 1.0, but the idea is to create internal node types that can be assembled to make instruments.  For now, instruments are merely VSTi’s and other virtual instruments.

How Does Licensing Work

Your license key grants activation on 2 computers.