Roboverb by Kushview is unlike any other reverb plugin.  Stand out in the crowd.  Equipped with versatility to replace your current “go-to” reverb.  Roboverb also offers a set of switches capable of flipping your project on it’s ear.

Free v.s. Paid Version

There is no difference in the free and paid version.  The paid option is for you if you’d like to show support for Kushview and the on-going development of the products on this site.  More info and download information

Audio plugins Shouldn’t be Complicated

You don’t need a bunch of ugly numbers and settings to achieve a professional sound of your own. Our unique plugin allows you to Robotize any sound you please by flipping a few switches, but if that’s too much, flip another switch or two and you’re back to a warm thick reverb.

Compact Design of Roboverb

The UI is small in size, preserving your work area.  Customizing your entire project can be as simple as flipping a switch, or turning a knob. If you’re looking for an audio effect to help you create your custom sound, try this audio plugin today.

Roboverb Demonstration

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