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Sound is born in the studio and speaks on stage.

So eliminate limitations... preserve your dynamic.


Command Complete Control

Run as a stand alone plugin host, or load as an Audio Unit, VST, VST3, or AAX Native plugin in your favorite recording software.

Endless Mapping Options

Harness the power of MIDI mapping to quickly and easily connect your controller to any of your audio plugins.

Realtime Creativity

Bring in all your plugins with little or no latency compared to most DAWs.

Made For Musicians

Intuitive workflow helps you focus on the sound, to make your live show as dynamic as your studio designs

Evolve Your Sound

Import saved projects and grow your designs into styles and sounds that represent you.

Custom Routing

Dominate your signal chain by connecting literally any available source, to any node within the project.

See MIDI controller mapping in action

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Multi-Channel Audio

Element isn’t limited to stereo audio. Utilize all ports and buses your plugins offer.

Graph Mixer

Display a traditional channel strip for each plugin and toggle each channel on/off. 

Importing and Exporting

Export and import a group of plugins to and from multiple plugin stacks.

Plugin Placeholders

When plugins are missing or can’t be loaded, this passes the audio through instead of breaking your plugin stack.

Manual Placeholder

Create templates by adding manual placeholders like any other plugin and swapping them later with real plugins in another plugin stack.


Velocity Curves

Balance MIDI input velocity with velocity curves added to graphs.

MIDI Filtering

MIDI transpose, keyboard splits, channel mapping.

Flexible Connectivity

Route any audio or midi output to any node on the graph.

MIDI Clock Synchronization

Synchronize Element’s internal clock to an external MIDI clock source or generate clocks to MIDI output.

MIDI Controller Mapping

Bind external hardware controls to plugin parameters.

Patch Bay

Using Element’s Patch Bay, simply route audio in/out channels by enabling boxes on the grid.

Element LT Screenshot

Craft and curate your plugin setup

Built in Media Player

Load and play audio files in your sessions.

Plugin Scanner

Element has the best plugin scanner, period.  Plugin load-ability is of high importance!

Internal Building Blocks

 Internal nodes for specific purposes (Volume, eVerb, Wet/Dry, Comb Filter, Allpass Filter)

Flexible Connectivity

Monitor audio levels and adjust input and output gains for each Node in the session. Each can be toggled on or off.

Supports 64 & 32 Bit

Use jBridge to create a bridge between 32/64 bit.

Customers reviews

What people say

My older multi-plugin set called MFX-Magma by NomadFactory crashes when changing presets so often that it can't be used at all. Putting it inside Element eliminates those crashes. You're doing something right!
Eirikur Hallgrimsson
I'm already spreading the word but truthfully man this is a secret weapon app/plugin.
Jared Armstrong
Studio engineer
Thank you for Element and keeping it CPU-lightweightish! Great app, and I am about to buy it!
Felix Andriessens
Audio Engineer
This app has solved an incredible problem I have been fighting for some time. KILER SOLUTION!!!! Will definitely buy full version.
Greg Gibbs

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