Free VST Host – Element

A Powerful and FREE VST Host with an Intuitive & User Friendly UI!

Save $100 on Element Pro Until 1.0  Order Now

If you’re looking for an easy way to play VST plugins in realtime, you’ll love our free VST host Element.

It installs in seconds, is really easy to configure and super stable.

And yes it really is completely free!


Element is an open source project, and the code is 100% open to the public. It takes a tremendous effort to write the code, make the installers, maintain the project, and also run this website.  Please consider this when making your choice on the downloads page.

Runs on Mac and PC

What Can You Do With Element

and much much more…

If down the track you find you’ve outgrown Element LT, your saved files can be loaded into Element Pro. Easy breezy – just upgrade and start using the new features.

Find out more about Element with this quick tour…

Element Tour

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