Robotic reverb at your finger tips...

Roboverb in Element

Not the greatest reverb (on purpose)

Ever wanted that tingy, slappy reverb... IDK like for a creepy effect? Roboverb is the plugin for You.

If you're looking for something smooth and realistic, then run... run far away from Roboverb, as it surely will attempt assimilation.

The design is based on a Schroeder digital model. This metalic reverb has 8 Comb Filters which feed into 4 All Pass filters. The catch is the switches can toggle them on or off and the not-so-secret sauce lies within the tuning of filter chain.

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Roboverb crunches 0’s and 1’s efficiently in most DAWs:

OS Version Formats
Mac OSX 10.8 and up AU / VST / VST3
Windows XP and up VST / VST3