The installation and update system in Element is fairly standard.


Pretty straight forward…


Here is the component selection. Check the plugins and other extras you wish to install. The items listed might be different depending on what platform you are using.


Next is the license notice. If you agree, click Continue.

Finish up

After accepting the license the install will begin!


Updating is similar to installing and is configured inside Element -> Preferences -> Updates

  • Launch button - Quits Element and launches the update utility.
  • Check button - Checks for updates now using the selected channel below.

Update Channel

Element is distributed on two release channels to users with an update key. The stable channel contains the most reliable builds in the main branch. The nightly channel contains builds automatically triggered when code changes in the develop branch on GitLab. Usually stability in nightly is on par with stable. There’s also the public downloads which tap off the stable channel.

  • Stable - Continous builds. Well tested.
  • Nightly - Bleeding edge builds. Well tested, but not as much.

Please note that nightly builds only get triggered when code is pushed. This might not be every single day… namely when the lead developer is working out a new big feature.

Update Key Type

An update key is needed to authorize access to the very latest stable version and the Nightly repository.

  • Element v1 - The standard update key purchased in the web store.
  • Membership - Update key acquired through member signup in the web store.
  • Patreon - Authorize with patreon. Not recommended

Username or Email

This is the username or email associated with your key. It will vary depending where you acquired updtate access.


What does the update key actually do?

  • DOES NOT enable hidden features in Element. Extra features don’t exists for “paid” versions.
  • DOES authorize an online repository that delivers incremental version updates via the installer.

How do I get an update key?